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We are a global provider of leadership and organizational development training that helps improve cultural competencies and employee engagement.

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We provide organizations with the insights and tools to build more respectful and engaged cultures.

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Representing over 12 distinct organizational development disciplines, our consultants, instructors, facilitators and coaches average over 20 years of experience.

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The core principles we deliver in our training are applicable to any industry and have global appeal, as can be seen by the companies we work with who are delivering our customized training to their locations around the world.

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These companies have leveraged our tools to develop stronger workplace cultures and more successful businesses.

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Recent News & Articles

Breaking Through Bias to Build Inclusion

August 15th, 2017|Comments Off on Breaking Through Bias to Build Inclusion

Unconscious bias is a part of our evolutionary nature. However, it can have many negative effects when it leads to exclusionary behavior within organizations. The following article discusses why biases occur and reveals how we can break through them in order to promote and receive the benefits of more inclusive workplace cultures.

Video: disrespect is toxic to the body

July 31st, 2017|Comments Off on Video: disrespect is toxic to the body

In the following video, Paul Meshanko explains that, when people are treated with disrespect at work, negative effects may be caused not only to their engagement and productivity, but also may become more prone to stress related physical and mental damages. 

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