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Barbara Richman, SPHR, is a Senior Consultant with HR Mpact, a human resource consulting firm located in Memphis, Tennessee. As a consultant, Barbara has worked on varied projects and provided training for a broad range of organizations in both the public and private sectors. She can be reached at (901) 685-9084, (901) 496-0462 or

Tips for Building Trust in Workplace Relationships

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A reputation of being trustworthy is one of the most valuable assets that individuals in leadership positions can have. Trust is a critical factor in gaining and maintaining the confidence of employees and customers. It ultimately plays a pivotal role in contributing to the success of workplace relationships and, in turn, the overall organization. The following are tips for contributing to the organization's success by building trust in workplace relationships.

Employers can increase effectiveness of performance appraisal process

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Although employers understand the rationale for assessing employees’ performance, they frequently view appraisals as burdensome tasks that they would like to avoid. During times such as these, we can ensure that the appraisal process remains a priority by focusing on its benefits and examining ways to increase its effectiveness. Although approaches to the appraisal process vary among employers, there is general consensus that practices, such as the following listed in this article, will increase its effectiveness.

Apply a focused approach to developing and achieving goals

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One common denominator that successful organizations share is the ability to develop and achieve goals that reflect their business priorities. While visions and dreams are catalysts in providing motivation for establishing goals, a deliberate, disciplined and realistic approach is required to accomplish targeted results. The following are tips for applying a focused approach to achieving goals.

Business leaders need to develop listening skills to engage employees

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In assessing the effectiveness of communications, the primary focus normally is on verbal and written communications and, to some extent, body language. Listening, although essential, is often overlooked or given less consideration. This is a mistake. A number of benefits can be derived when those in leadership positions focus on listening as part of the communication process. Here is a list of 8 ways to apply effective listening skills.

Examining Ways to Prevent and Respond to Workplace Violence

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Workplace violence is a concern that each employer should address. While acts of violence cannot be eradicated totally and no one is immune, proactive measures can be taken by every employer. With the support of senior management, organizations can make and communicate plans for preventing and responding to workplace violence. Here are some questions and answers to assist employers in making preparations for their workplaces.

10 Actions You Can Focus on to Influence Culture of Respect, Civility in your Workplace

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Imagine a work environment where all communications and interactions were conducted in a civil and respectful manner. Co-workers and customers would be treated respectfully on a consistent basis. There would be no place for harassment, discrimination, bullying, workplace violence, unethical actions, or other disrespectful and potentially illegal behaviors.

Trust Influences Workplace Relations and an Organization’s Bottom Line

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Trust is often cited as a cornerstone in building successful workplace relationships with employees and customers. Unlike programs that can be planned, implemented and communicated to all employees, trust has to be established through each workplace interaction. It only can be gained if the organization’s leaders and employees are attentive to a number of key [...]

Strengthening the Ethical Culture of Your Organization Should Be a Priority

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According to the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey, a report published by the Ethics Resource Center, the ethical culture of the American workplace is in transition. The survey, the seventh since 1994, was conducted for the purpose of understanding how employees at all levels view ethics and compliance at work. Its overall results send mixed [...]