This Was Your Brain During the Election

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As we begin to move on after the most bruising political campaign recent memory, it is a good time for a hard look at how our democratic process turned so ugly and disenfranchising to so many Americans. How did we get to a place where the polarization and acid-like negativity actually became news in its own right? As someone who studies human and workplace behavior and focuses on how to drive organizational change, it is interesting to note that this political season has been fueled, in part, by a number of phenomena that I see regularly in the workplace—every workplace, not just in the halls of Congress or in campaign headquarters.

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Tips for Leaders in Treating Employees Respectfully and Increasing Job Satisfaction

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By treating others’ respectfully, leaders can become role models for employees and exert a positive influence on the work environment. The following are tips to assist those in leadership positions treat employees with respect and increase job satisfaction.

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Does implicit bias training really work?

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In the wake of increasing incidents involving police shootings of unarmed African American males, it seems logical that police forces across the country would benefit from training that addresses the impact of implicit bias amongst officers. But will that make a difference? Skeptics of implicit bias training raise valid concerns about its effectiveness, especially for police officers who are often placed in high-pressure situations in which they may be more likely than other professions to need to rely on quick judgments. The question discussed in the following article is whether or not training can be effective in helping to reduce or eliminate the negative effects that implicit biases can result in.

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Inspirational quotes from Bob Moawad

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Bob Moawad was the owner of Edge Learning Institute and original creator of the Increasing Human Effectiveness program, now offered by Legacy Business Cultures. Not only was Bob an engaging and entertaining speaker and performer, but also an inspirational writer on the subject of human effectiveness and what it takes to succeed in life. The following are a collection of inspirational quotes collected from his speaking and writing.

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Using scenario-based exercises for more effective and engaging online training

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At Legacy Business Cultures, we believe that nothing beats a classroom as the most effective environment for our training. However, we also utilize online courses as supplemental or introductory resources for our training. Scenario based learning is one technique that can be utilized for online training that allows learners to practice the knowledge they receive throughout our curriculum. Here is one example of how it can be used to help learners practice one of the "12 Rules of Respect".

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Gen U – Generation Unretired – Humanizes The Workplace

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about the “unretired” – seniors who are returning to the workforce in droves for economic or personal reasons. I call this formidable group “Gen U™” because they represent an astounding number of people who have a completely different mindset from that of prior retired generations. Thankfully, smart companies are beginning to embrace their value, wisdom and experience.

Respect Tip: Say Thank You, Often

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There are many times when writing a note of thanks is important. There is a certain feeling of warmth one gets from writing them. You should send a thank-you note when you are given a gift, sent flowers, asked to lunch or dinner, invited for a weekend, asked to a concert or performance or when someone does something nice or helpful in a business or social situation such as an introduction or letter of reference.

Confrontation or Conversation: What’s the Norm in Your Workplace?

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One similarity between the employers of choice I feature in Road to Respect is that they all empower employees to speak up, to raise issues, to talk about problems and ask for help. Speaking up is a cultural norm that promotes organizational success. Unfortunately, the cultural norm of speaking up is the exception rather than the rule.

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13 powerful quotes about increasing human effectiveness

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Organizations often come to Legacy Business Cultures looking for programs that will help them to reach their greatest potential. One reason they are currently falling short is that they lack a clear vision of the path that will lead them there. Our Increasing Human Effectiveness program is dedicated towards helping organizations and individuals within each organization take that first step and discover a path through a process of aligning their values with their goals in order to determine what changes are required to succeed. The following quotes are written to inspire those who are looking for a bit of motivation as well as followup ideas to help increase effectiveness at work and in life.

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Self-Awareness – A Critical Leadership Competency

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Many of us focus on what we need to do to be successful, rather than who we need to be to be successful. Who we need to be speaks directly to our values, as well as our level of self-awareness about our behaviours and whether or not we are willing to take responsibility for those behaviours. Getting curious about the nature of our thoughts is the point of departure on the journey to self-awareness. It is the first step on the path to personal responsibility and empowerment.

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