Video: The Respect Effect STADA Webinar

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Based on his highly acclaimed new book, The Respect Effect: Using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace author and speaker Paul Meshanko goes beyond the typical “feel good” themes of organizational culture and digs deeply into the topics of evolution, psychology and neuroscience to show how powerful of a catalyst respect can be. More importantly, he shares practical, easy-to-implement strategies for helping to promote respectful work cultures and offers case study details on how best-in-class global employers are already using respect to make a difference with both their cultures and bottom lines.

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Leveraging Culture to Build a More Successful Organization

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In the following video of a presentation to the Ardagh Group, Paul Meshanko discusses a case study of a well known airline and how they utilized the power of culture to guide their success. Paul goes on to share tips for how to leverage culture as well as the 3 core values that guide every successful organization.

Paul Meshanko Delivers “Respect Effect” Presentation for BOE

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Paul Meshanko discusses two of the "12 Rules of Respect" which help to lead to a more respectful workplace. Rule of Respect #8: "Allow yourself to be wrong on occasion" and Rule of Respect #9: "Never hesitate to say you are sorry".

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