Edge Learning Institute’s curriculum is now a part of Legacy Business Cultures.

Edge LearningSince 1973, Edge Learning Institute has specialized in helping client organizations improve both their individual and team performance.  Edge’s curriculum was the most effective change process because “organizations only change when its people change.” Edge knew that, in order to stay ahead in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, organizations that provide their people with tools to manage the changing times of strategic transitions, economic uncertainty, global markets, etc., are at the top of the class.

At Legacy Business Cultures, we plan to carry on the teachings of Edge Learning Institute by continuing to offer popular workshops such as Increasing Human Effectiveness and Unlocking Your Potential. For more information about these workshops and how they can benefit your organization, call us at 888-892-0300.

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Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) empowers people with the personal development tools to break through self-imposed limitations. It lays the foundation for self-management and personal accountability, and teaches people how to empower themselves and reach new heights of effectiveness in every area of life.Learn More
“Unlocking Your Potential” is a dynamic and inspiring life skills workshop for young adults. This self-guided training guides young people through a process that develops winning habit patterns and offers a “tool kit” they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.Learn More