How Do YOU Want to be Respectfully Rewarded at Work?

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Yesterday, over on Twitter, I tweeted a link to this poster on 10 Free Ways to Reward Your Employees. Now, I realize that rewards and recognition is a hot topic. There are too many organizations that are doing it wrong and simply not enough organizations that get it right.

But, I was not prepared for the response I got from one of our loyal followers, who happens to be a Professor of Organisational Behaviour at a London University and the Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Management.

He tweeted me back to say, “Any one of these would irritate me at no end.”

I followed up with a comment that they can’t all be that bad and at least doing something was better than nothing, right?

His response made me take a step back and think a little more about this controversy. He replied that, “I really don’t like such gimmicky stuff and find them cringe making but it is a cultural response. Maybe ok in the US.”

Was he right? Is this a US only phenomenon, where we constantly need to be patted on the back just to make it through the work day?

Here at Legacy Business Cultures we often talk about following the Platinum Rule and treating other people not how we’d want to be treated but how they’d like to be treated. So it begs the question as to how YOU want to be rewarded in the workplace and have rewards and recognition programs got it all wrong.

We want to hear from you, so tell us the most respectful way you’ve been rewarded at work and why? 

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  1. Anita Distler February 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    If my manager lets me know she recognized or was advised of something I did that was exceptional, that is all I need. Its nice to get a $5 gift certificate, but I would rather have my accomplishments noted and taken into account for my annual review, bonus or raise. I hope that everyone works to the best of their ability, so there should always be things we can improve or do a better job at. I think I do an exceptional job on 90% of what I do everyday. And there is no way for someone to know that unless they sit with me all day long. My own satisfaction in doing a job well is what satisfies me. As I said in the beginning, verbal recognition is to me, the most respectful way to be rewarded.

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