Legacy Business Cultures Announces Acquisition of Edge Learning Institute

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New Edge Learning Division to Launch

Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of employee training, organizational surveys and executive coaching announces the acquisition of Edge Learning Institute to become a strategic division and enhance its west coast presence.

Legacy Business Cultures has been a business partner with Edge Learning Institute since 1997. This asset acquisition, which was finalized on October 10, will be a tremendous addition enabling Legacy to continue offering its clients world-renowned Edge Learning products, including the Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) training curriculum and the Unlocking Your Potential life skills workshops for young adults.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Legacy Business Cultures,” said Paul Meshanko, president and CEO. “Bob Moawad, one of Edge Learning’s founders, was a personal friend and mentor of mine. Because of our strong history together, this represents a true win-win for both organizations. Edge’s IHE curriculum and cultural change methodology will create a powerful synergy with Legacy’s diversity and inclusion expertise, Connecting with Respect workshops and organizational culture surveys to provide clients with an even greater array of proven leadership and staff development programs and tools.”

Originally founded in 1973 in Tacoma, Washington, Edge Learning will become a division within Legacy Culture’s operations. The majority of Edge’s virtual business development team will continue their traditional marketing responsibilities in addition to offering Legacy’s workshops, training and keynote speaking services to their clients.

Richard Anderson, one of the original founders of Edge Learning Institute commented:

“I can’t imagine leaving the Edge organization in more capable hands than with Paul and his team. By adding our company to their organization, Legacy will be able to grow Edge and continue to offer the important information and training that we have provided to the marketplace for over 40 years.”

Legacy plans to launch the new Edge Learning Division with marketing communications to clients, including an expanded website presence and additional public seminars and workshops scheduled for Cleveland, Washington, D.C. and the Seattle-Tacoma area.

About Edge Learning Institute

Founded in 1973, Edge Learning Institute is an international corporate education provider. The company specializes in helping client organizations improve both their individual and team performance. Edge’s curriculum is the most effective change process because “organizations only change when its people change.” In order to stay ahead in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, organizations that provide their people with tools to manage the changing times of strategic transitions, economic uncertainty, global markets, etc., are at the top of the class.

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