• Legacy Business Cultures Launches New Anti-Harassment Training Program

Legacy Business Cultures Launches New Anti-Harassment Training Program

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Contact: Sheila Meshanko
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ANNAPOLIS, MD – Legacy Business Cultures (LBC), a global provider of leadership and staff training, organizational surveys and e-learning is pleased to announce its newest program, Safe Spaces: Recognizing and Preventing Harassment in the Workplace.

Today’s workplace climate is in transition and it is more important than ever to proactively discuss and address harassment in all its forms. “In an era of #MeToo and a seemingly endless stream of new allegations of sexually abusive behavior in both the public and private sectors, it is imperative that we address this issue head on,” said Legacy COO, Sheila Meshanko. “In 2017, there should be no reason employers tolerate workplace behaviors that threaten, intimidate, demean or otherwise make any of their employees feel vulnerable when they come to work. It’s awful for morale, antithetical to inclusive cultures and catastrophic for productivity.”

Safe Spaces is a natural extension of LBC’s existing training on respectful workplaces and unconscious bias. Starting with an exploration of what respectful workplaces look like, this program explores the behaviors that lead to consistently respectful work cultures and those that do just the opposite. This then leads to a discussion and exploration of the legal and ethical obligations that we all have to co-create an environment free of discrimination and harassment as defined by both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and U.S. Department of Labor.

In particular, Safe Spaces delves deeply into sexual harassment in its different forms because of both its legal complexity and the sometimes subjective nature that determines when workplace behaviors become problematic. Said Legacy CEO, Paul Meshanko, “This curriculum is the direct result of customized sexual harassment training we have created for both governmental agencies and our private sector clients. Designed with input from top employment attorneys, we believe it’s a powerful tool to assist those organizations already committed to more respectful and inclusive cultures for their employees and other stakeholders.”

Safe Spaces is available as either a 2 hour or 4-hour classroom module and can be customized to support your own organizations existing policies and procedures. Train-the-trainer options are available for larger organizations. The process is also available as a fully customizable eLearning module.


About Legacy Business Cultures: Legacy Business Cultures is a global provider of leadership and staff development services. As strategic advisors, we help client organizations create best-in-class workplace cultures. Over its 20 year history, LBC has partnered with dozens of Fortune 1,000 companies and government agencies by providing direct support for diversity and inclusion, culture change and climate surveys. For more information about Legacy Business Cultures’ offerings, please visit www.LegacyCultures.com or call 888-892-0300.

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