Legacy Business Cultures Supports Cleveland Plexus and National Out & Equal Workplace Summit

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One key element of Legacy Business Cultures’ vision statements is respect in the workplace. To further emphasize the company’s commitment to this vision, representatives have joined the Cleveland branch of Plexus, The Chamber of Commerce for the LGBT Community & Allies. In addition, Legacy is also participating in the upcoming Out & Equal Workplace Summit to be held in October 29-31, 2013 in Minneapolis, MN.

“Respect is a key element in the training that Paul Meshanko, president and CEO of Legacy teaches in his Connecting with Respect Workshops,” commented Melanie Sklarz, director of marketing.

“When we evaluate workplace environments, we also need to communicate respect to a variety of personalities, work styles, gender choices, diversities, etc. that embody today’s demographics. For us to be more enlightened, our team needs to be involved with organizations like Plexus and participate in the Out & Equal Workplace Summit.”

In addition to having a booth at the Out & Equal Summit, Legacy’s vice president of diversity and inclusion, Maria White will be moderating a panel discussion on bisexual and transgender issues in the workplace. The panel will be offering insights on the topic of Beyond Bias – Effectively Engaging Bisexual and Transgender Co-workers.

At the Summit, individuals, human resources professionals, diversity managers, employee resource group leaders, and allies will have the perfect platform from which to make powerful connections, share best practices, and formulate a strategy that allows for a powerful demonstration of their commitment to equality in the workplace.

For more information: Plexus | Out & Equal Workplace Summit

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