Melody Costello Gives Blood, Sweat and Tears as Community Volunteer

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Legacy Business Cultures’ Office Manager, Melody Costello is one of those delightful individuals who believes in doing everything with 100% passion. Whether it’s handling the myriad of responsibilities for Legacy or finding time to volunteer in her community, there is no half-way mark with Melody… she gives it her all with every endeavor.

“When I heard about the Feeding Medina County organization, I really felt a need to become involved,” said Melody. “Feeding Medina County’s mission is to educate, engage and lead the community in creating an environment where no one goes hungry. They help nourish the community with essential programs that put food on the table for children, families and seniors who are at risk of hunger.”

On a monthly basis, the organization distributes food to many low-income seniors and area families. Food products from individual and farm donations, plus the Akron Food bank are housed at the Medina County building and transported to the fairgrounds where tables are lined up for volunteers to help package and handout the food on the third Thursday of each month.

“I volunteered in February and was assigned to the onion table so you can say that I did have some sweat and onion tears for this project,” said Melody. “It was a good feeling to help the community for three hours that morning, but it was also devastating to know how many people rely on this Feeding Medina County organization to not be hungry.”

In addition to the monthly food distribution, the organization also creates weekend food bags for those area children in the free or reduced lunch programs. Each Thursday, volunteers help prepare food weekend packs and then take them to the schools for the children. If it weren’t for this program, the children would not be eating until Monday at school.

Melody is also very involved in Medina’s Ella Canavan Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization. In May, she assisted in a successful American Red Cross Blood drive where she helped with the communications and marketing to surpass the goal.

“We set our sights on having 25 blood donors and ended up with 35 people donating,” commented Melody. “I did give blood on that day so with all my volunteering you can say I contributed with blood, sweat and tears.

“One of the reasons I can be involved with my passion for helping others less fortunate is because Legacy Business Cultures believes in giving back to the community and allowing staff to designate one day each quarter to volunteer. It’s a great feeling to have the flexibility to do this and have the support of your company to help others. I can’t wait until next quarter to go back to Feeding Medina County!”

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