METAULLICS SYSTEMS partners with Legacy Business Cultures to get “LEAN”

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Metaullics Systems, a Solon, Ohio based manufacturer of technology products for the hostile molten and corrosive chemical industries, is partnering with Cleveland-based consulting and staff development firm Legacy Business Cultures, to improve its manufacturing and administrative processes. “This in not an attempt to fix something that’s broken”, said David Eichenmiller, Metaullics’ Manager of Engineering and Quality. “It is an opportunity to get ahead of the game by reviewing and evaluating internal processes and discovering new efficiencies and opportunities for quality improvement.”

Metaullics originally approached Legacy Business Cultures, a firm specializing in workforce engagement and culture development, to examine both their internal processes and cultural barriers to improvement. Legacy Business Cultures, in turn, partnered with Tennessee-based Aslinger & Associates to help develop the Lean manufacturing/process improvement component of the program.

Eichenmiller says that the combination of classroom instruction, site evaluations and personal coaching will help Metaullics improve its industry-leading position by improving and streamlining internal processes, tapping into its workers’ ideas and creating a stronger atmosphere of innovation. “We wanted an external viewpoint and examination of our operations that would allow us to overcome internal barriers that often hamper production. The efforts of Legacy Business Cultures and Aslinger will help us minimize resistance to change, find new and better ways of doing things and create a culture where people want to do their best.”

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