National Settlement Services Summit Announces High Ratings for Paul Meshanko Keynote

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The results are in from October Research, LLC, a national provider of market intelligence, industry news and regulatory information for the real estate, settlement services and mortgage industries. October Research hosted its annual National Settlement Services Summit in Cleveland June 10-12.

On June 12, Legacy Business Cultures President & CEO Paul Meshanko was a keynote speaker at the morning session, presenting information on the value of respect in the workplace and announcing the second edition of his book The Respect Effect, Using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace.

According to October Research, Meshanko scored very high ratings results from the audience. Kelly McCarel, seminars and webinars director, commented,

“Paul’s session was well-liked and motivated Summit attendees. His keynote address provided many strategic insights into how respect in the workplace directly correlates to business success and his inspirational remarks were highly regarded at this year’s conference.”

Paul’s individual session received a 4.2 rating with 5 being the highest. Here is what Summit attendees said about his presentation:

  • “Motivating and ‘fun.’”
  • “Greatly enjoyed this topic.”
  • “Nice presentation.”
  • “Great way to start the day.”
  • “Awesome.”
  • “This guy was incredible. Amazing.”
  • “Very pleasant to listen to. Will use some of his thoughts at work.”
  • “Very engaging.”
  • “Excellent!”
  • “Excellent speaker and inspiring message.”
  • “Interesting, enjoyable and insightful.”
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