Paul Meshanko headlines HR Star Conference in Los Angeles

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HR Star ConferencePaul Meshanko, author and managing partner of the consulting firm Legacy Business Cultures, will be keynoting this year’s HR Star Conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday February 29, 2012. The sold out conference will take place at the LA Convention Center and will bring together the top thought leaders driving the direction of human resources today.

Meshanko will be presenting concepts and research from his new book, The Respect Effect, scheduled to be released in late spring this year, focusing on improving the culture in businesses and organizations. This entertaining and educating presentation will bring to light the most important driver in today’s business world.

“Respect is one of the most important elements in a productive and healthy culture within any organization,” Meshanko says.

Meshanko will help over 800 participants explore what respect both looks and feels like, as well as understand how it impacts business results.

“Employees that engage in respectful behavior are more likely to have higher job satisfaction, better physical health, greater customer satisfaction, and less stress,” explains Meshanko, adding, “And when employees are happy, organization productivity, profitability, and resilience increase.”

HR Star states that their mission is to “provide a day of learning, sharing, networking, benchmarking & community building all at little or no cost to the HR professionals who attend.” This is HR Star’s 13th year in Southern California and 45th cumulative conference since 1999.

“We have a fantastic line-up of speakers for this year’s conference, and we are especially excited to have Paul Meshanko as our keynote speaker, says Braden Albert, President of Abbington Court Media, the owner and producer of the HR Star Conference.

Paul Meshanko is a professional speaker and business leader with over 20 years of experience in corporate training and organizational culture change. Under his leadership, Legacy has grown to become one of the most successful international training and development agencies. Legacy’s initiatives are currently taught in 23 languages and on 5 continents.

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