Paul Meshanko Keynotes 2013 National Settlement Services Summit

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Legacy Business Cultures is proud to announce that Paul Meshanko, president and CEO will deliver a keynote speech on June 12 at the 2013 National Settlement Services Summit produced by October Research, LLC at the Marriott at Key Center in Cleveland.

Summit participants will be captivated by an insightful presentation from Mr. Meshanko, founder of Cleveland-based Legacy Business Cultures, which has helped shape organizational culture globally for over 15 years through workshops and training.

In his remarks, Meshanko, will explore for Summit attendees how respect in the workplace impacts business success. Based on his book, The Respect Effect, he will also provide clear direction on how each of us can create an emotionally positive and durable legacy for ourselves. As a motivational speaker and facilitator, Meshanko has captivated thousands of leaders and business professionals.

“I’ve traveled through more than 25 countries on five continents over the past decade,” Meshanko said. “Nothing connects us to one another and builds rapport faster than authentic respect. When we treat each other with respect, our brains literally light up and we perform whatever we do at the highest levels possible.”

Summit attendees will be able to pre-order the second edition of The Respect Effect by using a QR code from a personalized bookplate signed by Meshanko immediately following his presentation.

To kick things off on June 11, Bill Cosgrove, a prominent leader in mortgage banking, will deliver remarks on the mortgage industry and share insightful views on the state of mortgage lending from his unique perspective. A high-profile, independent mortgage banker and Washington lobbyist, Cosgrove will speak about the mortgage lending side of the transaction and discuss prominent issues in the mortgage space that impact settlement services.

In addition to Meshanko and Cosgrove, the 2013 Summit presented by Fidelity National Title Group is offering an impressive lineup of over 30 speakers, top industry-related topics, and unmatched networking and business development opportunities. It is expected to attract nearly 500 professionals in the title, mortgage and settlement services areas from across the country.

Those interested in attending the event can register here:
2013 National Settlement Services Summit

For more information:
October Research

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