Respect Tip: Do What You Say You Will

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This tip works especially well with a tip I posted late last year on trust. Akin to building trust, doing what you say you will is part of the foundation to building respect and a respectful workplace.

Doing what you say you will starts with YOU. Do you often tell yourself that you’ll get into the office earlier to get more done but never do? Until you start doing what you told yourself you’d do, you are not going to be able to keep your word to others either. Being sincere in your intentions is the first step to building trust within yourself and others, which ultimately leads to a respectful relationship.

Do it today

Get up an hour earlier than normal and go into the office to work. Or, if you told a colleague you would have the proposal finished by today, get it done now. Every time you make a promise to yourself or someone else, stop for a second and make sure that you really will do what you say you will.

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