Respect Tip: Value Dissenting Opinions

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I suppose there is no better day, than today to discuss embracing dissenting opinions. It is election day here in the United States, after all. And unless you haven’t noticed, politics in this country has become a place where dissenting opinions have been losing value. It seems that nowadays it is only my way and no other way.

But valuing those opinions that are different from our own – even if we don’t agree with them is a more powerful tool to building consensus among people and groups. By acknowledging that someone else’s opinion matters as much as our own is the first step to creating a respectful dialogue. You might be surprised to find that although someone else’s opinions differ greatly from yours their intent may actually be the same. For example, we all want to see the country improve, although our opinions on how to do that may differ.

Do it now

Next time you engage in a conversation that focuses on a differences of opinions, take a step back and actually consider the other person’s opinion and value it as much as you value your own. You might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome after making this simple, yet powerful effort.

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