13 powerful quotes about increasing human effectiveness

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Organizations often come to Legacy Business Cultures looking for programs that will help them to reach their greatest potential. One reason they are currently falling short is that they lack a clear vision of the path that will lead them there. Our Increasing Human Effectiveness program is dedicated towards helping organizations and individuals within each organization take that first step and discover a path through a process of aligning their values with their goals in order to determine what changes are required to succeed. The following quotes are written to inspire those who are looking for a bit of motivation as well as followup ideas to help increase effectiveness at work and in life.

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7 Steps to Behavior Change Using Affirmations

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If we talk to ourselves in a way that creates a clear and emotionally compelling picture of the behaviors we want to reinforce, it literally creates pathways in our brains to facilitate movement toward those behaviors. When used for this purpose, we call this "self-talk", "affirmative reminders", or "affirmations".

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Does Your Organization Have a Code of Cooperation?

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The process of writing a Code of Cooperation has become central to the training we offer to our clients. It is important that everyone participate and contribute their ideas to the process — the theory being that people will support what that they create, specifically in organizations.

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Can People Really Change?

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I get asked this question a lot when I do one-on-one sensitivity training sessions. These situations typically arise when a very valuable or very senior person (or both) engages in some kind of problematic behavior (e.g., inappropriate or unprofessional comments, bullying behavior, harassment). The employer wants to keep said employee but try to rehabilitate him or her.

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Is Workplace Conflict a Challenge or Opportunity?

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Bumps in the road are called "conflicts," and they occur whenever we have a disagreement, are faced with difficult decisions, or have to make tough choices where we don’t all agree on the priorities for the business. Conflict is not always easy, but it is inevitable, and it can be a source of energy, innovation, [...]

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Culture Change from the Inside Out

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There’s an old saying that people support what they help create. The caveat is that we also oftentimes resist what is thrust upon us by someone else (especially if their intentions are unclear). After five straight days of work with two different clients this past week, I’m as committed as ever to the belief that employees and managers must together both define and own their work culture.

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