Respect Tip: Say Thank You, Often

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There are many times when writing a note of thanks is important. There is a certain feeling of warmth one gets from writing them. You should send a thank-you note when you are given a gift, sent flowers, asked to lunch or dinner, invited for a weekend, asked to a concert or performance or when someone does something nice or helpful in a business or social situation such as an introduction or letter of reference.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Ready or not, it's that time of year again when we pop that oversized turkey into the oven and hope for the best that it's moist and delicious! Perhaps it's time to shine the silver and polish the wine glasses reserved for special occasions. It is most certainly a time for families to get together and give thanks for the bounty provided by the good earth and for the many blessings of our lives.

10 Actions You Can Focus on to Influence Culture of Respect, Civility in your Workplace

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Imagine a work environment where all communications and interactions were conducted in a civil and respectful manner. Co-workers and customers would be treated respectfully on a consistent basis. There would be no place for harassment, discrimination, bullying, workplace violence, unethical actions, or other disrespectful and potentially illegal behaviors.

The Best of Respectful Workplace: Civility

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Editor’s Note: Each month this summer we will feature a Best of our Blog post based on a specific theme. By behaving in a civil way we can find common ground, build community and effectively communicate respect for one another. This month, Jay Remer discusses the gift of giving. Michele Lawson shares an enthralling interview with her [...]

Six Pillars of Civility: Awareness

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Over the past few years I have developed what I refer to as the Six Pillars of Civility. Over the next few months I am going to explore these six qualities, which in my opinion, are crucial to maintaining a civilized society. The qualities are important not only to a society, but also to the [...]

Six Pillars of Civility: Humility

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Whether socially or in the workplace, many people bandy around the word ‘Humility,’ and it is often misunderstood. To me, in a nutshell, it boils down to the core principle that there are no 'big shots'. No matter what our professional position or achievements, no matter our social station, and no matter our wealth or education, we all have value; and on many levels - equal value.