This Was Your Brain During the Election

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As we begin to move on after the most bruising political campaign recent memory, it is a good time for a hard look at how our democratic process turned so ugly and disenfranchising to so many Americans. How did we get to a place where the polarization and acid-like negativity actually became news in its own right? As someone who studies human and workplace behavior and focuses on how to drive organizational change, it is interesting to note that this political season has been fueled, in part, by a number of phenomena that I see regularly in the workplace—every workplace, not just in the halls of Congress or in campaign headquarters.

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Confrontation or Conversation: What’s the Norm in Your Workplace?

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One similarity between the employers of choice I feature in Road to Respect is that they all empower employees to speak up, to raise issues, to talk about problems and ask for help. Speaking up is a cultural norm that promotes organizational success. Unfortunately, the cultural norm of speaking up is the exception rather than the rule.

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Dimensions of Leadership: Communicating

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We define Communicating as the following: "Connects with others effectively, in clear and thoughtful ways." In this article, we continue our series on "The Dimensions of Leadership" by discussing how you can apply the 4 attributes of effective communication in order to become a better leader within your organization.

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5 Ways to Communicate More Respectfully With Your Coworkers

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How we communication with coworkers is essential to creating a more respectful and therefore effective workplace. Below you will find 5 suggestions to help improve the way you communicate with others in the workplace and your personal life.

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Make a Personal Investment in Building Workplace Relationships

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For the first several years of working as a professional diversity trainer and facilitator, I would chuckle to myself when I heard a man in our workshops say "I don’t get women," "Women are so complex," and "Women’s behavior is so unpredictable!" At first, I found these comments to be humorous. But after a while, [...]

Mom Always Said, “Respect Your Elders”

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If we are lucky, it is going to happen to every one of us…. Aging! Not only will we age in calendar years but our bodies and minds will age in physical years despite our best efforts. Along with these changes come the way people react to us. They will begin to treat us differently… [...]

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Respect Tip: Speak Only What You Know is True

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This week's tip can be interpreted a couple of ways. I am going to focus on it's similarity to gossip and not the larger issue of what is truth. Too often people are talking about things in the workplace that simply are not true and it's harming the entire organization. Here's an example of that destructive behavior: Employee #1 says [...]

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Look Around You and Be Polite

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This may sound like an exercise akin to patting your head and rubbing your tummy, but I am quite serious about this seemingly simple concept. A reader recently sent me this note illustrating the lack of awareness and kindness towards others. Perhaps we can all learn from this reader’s questions: “I really enjoy your column. [...]

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Respect Tip: Contribute Porportionally

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While this tip can have multiple interpretations, I am referring to meetings. You know the person ( maybe it's you!) who monopolizes an entire meeting with their comments. Or it's the person, who gives the longest explanation for the simplest point. Whoever it is, you get the idea. This type of disruptive and disrespectful behavior [...]

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