Working in Boystown

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The world is full of beautiful, giving people. The world also has more than its fair share of people filled with negativity. The trick is to retain – no, grow your own inner beauty no matter what the people around you do or say. In a town like Washington, this can be a challenge – especially for [...]

Discrimination 201: Intent to Discriminate Not Necessary

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There are certainly cases where an employer intentionally discriminates based on some kind of animus: racism, sexism, bias against a particular religion, etc. But there are also case where employers discriminate without any such intent. Alas, the discrimination is just as illegal. Take customer preference, as an example. A customer or client tells an employer [...]

How Do You Train Your Managers on Harassment / Discrimination?

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The question assumes you provide training, at least for supervisory level employees, on how to comply with their various obligations under federal and state anti-discrimination laws. If you haven’t done so in the past couple of years, it’s time to roll out some training. The agencies and courts expect employers to have harassment and discrimination [...]

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What Will You Do to Stop Hatred and Discrimination?

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That’s the question that local high school and middle school students are asked each year as part of the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage Stop the Hate! Youth Speak Out! essay contest. Last year, we featured the contest and the winner, Matt Soble from Solon High School, who wrote about a socially different classmate, in our [...]