13 powerful quotes about increasing human effectiveness

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Organizations often come to Legacy Business Cultures looking for programs that will help them to reach their greatest potential. One reason they are currently falling short is that they lack a clear vision of the path that will lead them there. Our Increasing Human Effectiveness program is dedicated towards helping organizations and individuals within each organization take that first step and discover a path through a process of aligning their values with their goals in order to determine what changes are required to succeed. The following quotes are written to inspire those who are looking for a bit of motivation as well as followup ideas to help increase effectiveness at work and in life.

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Dreaming of a Happier Workplace

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How many conflicts could be averted if we had selective amnesia with our rivals or foes? Our conversations would then be free of the tiny microexpressions and unconscious vocal tones that send out defensive messages (despite our best intentions). The problem is, our brain scrutinizes our environment for threats and then sears these threat-memories deep into our mind — for our protection. Our brain doesn’t want us to have amnesia precisely because we would then be more vulnerable to dangers around us. Even if we can’t control our unconscious nonverbal behaviors, we can try to compensate for them.

Some Suggestions for Expanding Your EQ… And Your Team’s or Employees’ Too

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Look for a mentor with high EQ, then watch ‘em like a hawk! Invite them to mentor you formally or informally. Pretend that you have a personal coach inside your head. Practice going inside to consult this person about your skills as well as how to reach your full potential. Use silent reflection methods: walking, [...]

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The Science of Optimism

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"I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances." — Martha (Mrs. George) Washington Are some people just born optimistic—the old nature/nurture question?  How do I separate a healthy pessimism (Can I comfortably afford this car—maybe not....) from the soul-crushing negativity that [...]

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Projecting Ourselves Onto Others

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One danger of not understanding our own feelings is attributing them to others. According to Encyclopedia Britannica: Projection is a form of defense in which unwanted feelings are displaced onto another person, where they then appear as a threat from the external world. A common form of projection occurs when an individual, threatened by his own [...]

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3 Examples of Passive-Aggressive Fighting at Work

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I’m always amazed to hear the stories of how people subtly fight at work. Through procrastination, gossip, stonewalling, and other passive-aggressive methods, co-workers can find clever ways to obstruct progress while appearing helpful. So much conflict can be hidden under the surface of our actions and conversations. In the theatre, this is called “subtext.” Here [...]

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Exploring the Small Triggers of Daily Life

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One of my triggers is a desire to “fight for my rights” if I sense that I’m not supported in my work. My fight response may manifest subtly as a tenacious search for an “unavailable” library book or the dogged pursuit of information from a tight-lipped colleague. But underneath my smiling mask, I’m angry and [...]

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Skills from the Theatre for the Workplace

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When I moved from working in the theatre to working in an office, I was astounded by the difference in attitudes and norms. My new organization and the workplaces of my clients seemed filled with unhappiness and dysfunction. Could I use my theatre training to help transform the malaise I saw everywhere? While my clients [...]

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The Small Emotions of Everyday Life

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Nancy confided to me of a difficult relationship at work. She said she had been friendly to “Bill” when he first arrived, but his sour expressions angered her. He never acknowledged her presence and Nancy had had enough. She was now offering Bill an angry expression in return. She would show him. “I’m not willing [...]

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