Inspirational quotes from Bob Moawad

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Bob Moawad was the owner of Edge Learning Institute and original creator of the Increasing Human Effectiveness program, now offered by Legacy Business Cultures. Not only was Bob an engaging and entertaining speaker and performer, but also an inspirational writer on the subject of human effectiveness and what it takes to succeed in life. The following are a collection of inspirational quotes collected from his speaking and writing.

13 powerful quotes about increasing human effectiveness

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Organizations often come to Legacy Business Cultures looking for programs that will help them to reach their greatest potential. One reason they are currently falling short is that they lack a clear vision of the path that will lead them there. Our Increasing Human Effectiveness program is dedicated towards helping organizations and individuals within each organization take that first step and discover a path through a process of aligning their values with their goals in order to determine what changes are required to succeed. The following quotes are written to inspire those who are looking for a bit of motivation as well as followup ideas to help increase effectiveness at work and in life.

The Secret of the Slight Edge

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Have you ever experienced setting out to achieve a goal, maybe lose weight and keep it off, purchase a new home, or be selected for an over due promotion only to fall short? Possibly, your team agreed on new initiatives and spent countless hours designing a strategy only to execute and fall behind schedule. You may find the solution to overcoming these obstacles in the secret to the slight edge.

7 Steps to Behavior Change Using Affirmations

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If we talk to ourselves in a way that creates a clear and emotionally compelling picture of the behaviors we want to reinforce, it literally creates pathways in our brains to facilitate movement toward those behaviors. When used for this purpose, we call this "self-talk", "affirmative reminders", or "affirmations".

Gaining a Slight Edge in Sports and the Workplace

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Teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors retain a “slight edge” over each of their opponents. Digging into our own hidden potential and gaining a “slight edge” requires a change of attitude and behavior. Training like the Increasing Human Effectiveness workshop can teach us and the organizations we work for how to do this.

Legacy Business Cultures Attending 37th Annual Training Conference & Expo

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Legacy Business Cultures will be traveling to and participating in the 37th Annual Training Conference & Expo in San Diego, California. The three-day conference starting on February 3 through February 5 is the premier event for professionals in the workplace training and development field looking to expand their skill set with sessions led by some [...]

Legacy Business Cultures Launches New Behavior Change Tool for Smart Phones and Tablets

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New app helps initiate life’s changes Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of employee training, organizational surveys and executive coaching announces the availability of MyLegacy Mobile, a new app for iPhone, iPad and Android users that assists them in implementing behavior changes for achieving both personal and professional objectives. MyLegacy Mobile app can be downloaded [...]

Legacy Business Cultures Goes Global with SMCOV

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The respect effect resonates with every business culture Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of leadership and staff training, organizational surveys and e-learning announces a partnership with SMCOV that will greatly expand their business offerings throughout the world. Through this partnership, SMCOV (a leader in global training distribution) will market and distribute the world-class Intellectual [...]

Legacy Business Cultures Announces Acquisition of Edge Learning Institute

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New Edge Learning Division to Launch Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of employee training, organizational surveys and executive coaching announces the acquisition of Edge Learning Institute to become a strategic division and enhance its west coast presence. Legacy Business Cultures has been a business partner with Edge Learning Institute since 1997. This asset acquisition, [...]