Our Literal Connection to Each Other – The Neuroscience of the Respect Effect

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When we operate in a rich, stimulating and emotionally nourishing environment, our brains are more productive than normal. They release powerful neurotransmitters that stimulate our creativity, desire to work collaboratively and allow us to find deep personal satisfaction in our work. This is the Respect Effect.

Classroom vs. Online Training for Soft Skills – Which is More Effective?

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The best roadmap to the future sometimes looks strangely like the past. This is particularly relevant in the discussion on classroom vs. online training. Almost a decade ago, one of my friends who worked as an HR manager for a large, Fortune 50 manufacturing company lamented the difficulty his organization was having with employee acceptance and use of a new, online learning service that had just been purchased from an outside vendor.

Want to earn more money? Shift your agenda to helping others.

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One of the great joys for me professionally is when science and research finally catch up to what has been passed on and taught anecdotally for decades. While it has always made sense to me that managers, leaders , sales professionals and others who seemed to “read” others the best were the most successful, now there’s new research to back it up.

Why I’m a Better Me with You

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In 1943, renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote a paper called, “A Theory of Human Motivation.” In it, he introduced his now-famous motivation model generally referred to as the Hierarchy of Needs. While intuitively seductive in its simplicity, research from the disciplines of anthropology and neuroscience has recently painted a slightly different picture of what truly motivates us.

Convergence at Work: How Science is Improving the Ways We Work and Relate

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For the past 20 years, I’ve immersed myself in the complimentary disciplines of organizational culture, group effectiveness and personal mastery. Because of the breadth of these topics, it became equally important to understand some of the basic tenets of psychology, anthropology and, more recently, the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience.

Legacy Business Cultures Partners with FOHVAMP

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Legacy Business Cultures and Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons (FOHVAMP) have formed a strategic partnership to strengthen the capabilities of federal, state, and local law enforcement in order to bring resolution to cold cases. The partners will combine their highly successful approaches to developing the management and tactical skills of law enforcement and security professionals. [...]