10 small things you can start doing today to be a more respectful coworker

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Showing respect doesn't always require an overt or grand gesture. There are also several small behaviors that can be practiced on a day-to-day basis that can demonstrate respect towards others. Keeping the following tips in mind will ensure that you are part of creating a culture of respect within your professional or personal lives.

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Our favorite quotes about respect

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The following are 10 quotes that we feature in our Coffee & Keynote card deck that we give to participants during our Connecting With Respect training. These quotes help remind us of what it means to be a respectful person, along with followup actions that you can take today to promote the values of respect in your workplace.

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Tips for Building Trust in Workplace Relationships

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A reputation of being trustworthy is one of the most valuable assets that individuals in leadership positions can have. Trust is a critical factor in gaining and maintaining the confidence of employees and customers. It ultimately plays a pivotal role in contributing to the success of workplace relationships and, in turn, the overall organization. The following are tips for contributing to the organization's success by building trust in workplace relationships.

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Does Your Workplace REALLY Need Sensitivity Training?

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Here at Legacy Business Cultures we often receive inquiries from managers requesting sensitivity training for their employees. Typically, there has been an ‘incident’ – someone has called someone else a derogatory name or otherwise been disrespectful toward other employees. In some cases, this leads to an EEOC investigation and required intervention.