The mental and physical health impact of bullying in the workplace

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We have written a lot on the Respectful Workplace Blog about how to eliminate bullying and disrespectful behavior in the workplace. The following article was contributed by about the research found on the negative impact on mental and physical health on people who are bullied.

Can Respect Replace Bullying in the Workplace?

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Last year, Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito took what was once thought of as only the playground pranks of youngsters into the mainstream of the adult world. Along with his antics of bullying toward his fellow teammate, tackle Jonathan Martin has come the realization that this behavior is more widespread than most people think and [...]

Eternal Bullying

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“There’s an App for that” has become a common phrase as the possibilities of our digital age are limited only by our imagination. Unfortunately, those who wish to do harm also have unlimited ways to pervert and abuse technology. The latest opportunity for abuse is Yik Yak. Yik Yak was developed to provide college students [...]

Bullying: Are You Part of the Solution or Are You Part of the Problem?

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I’m referring to the choice that we all have to make when faced with obvious signs of disrespect in the workplace. This is especially so if the behaviour is not directed specifically at us. Often times in our workplaces we choose to adopt the old maxim “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” [...]

Just Because There Isn’t an Anti-Bullying Law Per Se…

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....doesn't mean bullying behaviors in the workplace can’t get you into all kinds of trouble, legal and otherwise. Let’s take a look at the legal implications of bullying. Currently, there is no anti-bullying legislation, either at the federal or state level. However, many states are working hard to pass such laws. Whether or not they succeed, [...]

The Toxicity of Workplace Bullies

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I recently conducted a workplace investigation that was initiated by a couple of employee complaints about a senior manager’s leadership style. This manager was very, very senior.  As in close friends with the CEO and a “lifer” at the company. As such, he was widely perceived as untouchable. Thanks to the company’s commitment to a [...]

Respect on the Road of Life

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At the end of the Respect Effect, Paul Meshanko writes about respect outside of work. While it's imperative that we be respectful in our workplaces, practicing respectful behavior among our family, friends, and even strangers strengthens our overall commitment to civility. I was reminded of this the other evening when driving home from the office. On the highway entrance, I [...]