• Best of Respectful Workplace: Communication

The Best of Respectful Workplace: Communication

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Respectfully interacting and communicating with your co-workers is the topic of this week’s Best of Respectful Workplace series. Below, you will learn from Erica Pinsky why communication and more specifically speaking up is the foundation of a respectful workplace. Melanie Sklarz will teach you how to create meaningful relationships with candid dialogue among diverse peers. Finally, Laura Lewis-Barr explains how fighting in the workplace hides under the surface and is often expressed through non-verbal communication.

Confrontation or Conversation: What’s the Norm in Your Workplace?

by Erica Pinsky

In last month’s post, I featured an interview with values based top employer Nurse Next Door. Like other employers of choice I feature in Road to Respect, the workplace culture at Nurse Next Door empowers employees to speak up, to raise issues, to talk about problems and ask for help. Speaking up is a cultural norm that promotes organizational success.

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Guidelines for Engaging in Respectful Dialogue

by Melanie Sklarz

Last week I finished the third and final class of Cleveland State University’s Leadership Forum on Diversity series. Since most of the information presented during the series served as refresher for me, it was the dialogue among students that provided the greatest knowledge. Like in real life, open conversation is often the best teacher.

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3 Examples of Passive-Aggressive Fighting at Work

by Laura Lewis-Barr

I’m always amazed to hear the stories of how people subtly fight at work. Through procrastination, gossip, stonewalling, and other passive-aggressive methods, co-workers can find clever ways to obstruct progress while appearing helpful.

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