The Best of Respectful Workplace: Leadership

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This week we’ll look at the ever popular subject of leadership and the role it plays in the development of a respectful workplace, as we continue to highlight our best blog posts from the last two years.

In these posts, Paul Meshanko advocates for leaders to create a culture of respect where employees feel emotionally safe, while Chetan Borkhetaria explores how we can all embrace difference and why leaders should value diverse opinions. Finally, Erica Pinsky discusses the voluntary MBA oath that promotes ethical standards for business leaders.

Respect Starts At The Top

by Paul Meshanko

A company’s culture is one of its most important assets. Culture plays a role in helping to attract the best talent and it is absolutely vital to engaging, developing and retaining that talent. And while no single culture is best for all organizations (or even functions within an organization), there is one cultural variable that is universally beneficial.

What’s the Value of Diversity?

by Chetan Borkhetaria

Of course, we can all agree that having people from different races and genders is supposed to be a good thing. Isn’t that what companies on the diversity bandwagon are after?  But why is there such a focus on only race and gender?

Are You Ready to Take the Oath for Ethical Leadership?

by Erica Pinsky

In 1908 a new management program was introduced at Harvard University. The program’s goal was to educate those who would become the leaders of the large corporations which were emerging as a feature of the American business landscape. The program’s founders believed that corporations should be run in a manner that reflected the interests of society. The vision of the program, one still reflected in the motto of the Harvard Business School today, was “To educate leaders who make a difference in the world.”

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