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Increasing Human Effectiveness

Based on over 50 years of research and field client experience, Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) sets the industry standard for helping build adaptability, resilience, and accountability in a changing work environment. IHE lays the foundation for self-management and personal accountability, and teaches people how to empower themselves and reach new heights of effectiveness in every area of life.

Why does your organization need IHE?

There is only one constant in most organizations – continuous change. While some are attempting to implement process improvement programs, others are focusing on higher customer satisfaction. Still others are navigating the intricacies of mergers, acquisitions or internal restructuring efforts. The common denominator for all? Most change initiatives eventually hit a wall of resistance within their existing cultures. People either are afraid of change, don’t want to change, or simply don’t know how to change. And if your people can’t or won’t change, then neither can your organization. That’s why, according to one recent study, 7 out of 10 organizational change initiatives end up in failure.

Organizational effectiveness depends not only on employees mastering increasingly complex technical skills, but also on the ability to change entrenched behaviors. The “quick and easy” solutions for success don’t work any longer (if they ever did before), and employee skills and knowledge are not enough. New, improved attitudes and behaviors are key to maximizing organizational effectiveness and creating a culture of excellence.

What people have said about Increasing Human Effectiveness:

“Starbucks has enjoyed one of the best years in the history of our company, and IHE has clearly been a catalyst …” — Starbucks

“IHE has been the single most beneficial staff development process we’ve ever offered in my 20+ years with the company.— Parker Hannifin

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Capitalizing on Your Greatest Organizational Asset.

Organizations are made up of people and the most successful ones focus on improving employee effectiveness one individual at a time. But while some organizations try to help their people become better employees, the best organizations now know the real key is to help their employees become better people.

Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) empowers your leaders and staff with a field-tested, time-proven methodology to break through self-imposed limitations. It lays the foundation for better self-management, adaptability, resilience and personal accountability, and teaches participants how to empower themselves to reach new heights of effectiveness in almost every facet of their lives. It is a holistic approach to talent development and performance improvement that has been proven effective by some of the world’s most successful organizations.

Take the non-traditional path.

The IHE process provides a scientifically designed approach for fostering improved individual performance to the highest level possible. By teaching participants how to bypass the human brain’s natural resistance to change, we engage them in the process and empower them to become active participants and partners in the navigating whatever changes your organization is going through. This results not only in measurable performance improvement, but also in more fulfilled, satisfied and loyal employees.

We all have the potential to make changes in our lives and in our organizations. Increasing Human Effectiveness is a people-centric development process designed and proven to help maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your entire organization. Every aspect of this process moves people toward one overriding objective: Better measurable results!

IHE Workshop Objectives

  • Accept new ideas, embrace accelerated change more readily and create a climate for achievement
  • Displace non-productive attitudes, habits and beliefs and utilize more of their potential
  • Approach life’s challenges on an “I want to” basis instead of “I have to”
  • Accept personal responsibility and become more effective self-managers
  • “Coach” themselves and become more self-motivated
  • Overcome fear of failure (and fear of success) and become more confident
  • Take risks, make better decisions and solve problems more effectively
  • Motivate themselves and others with dignity. Build “esprit de corps” and a “can do” attitude

Sample IHE Videos

A few of the organizations that have benefited over the years from Increasing Human Effectiveness:

Are you ready to provide the people in your organization with the tools to break through self-imposed limitations, improve self-management and personal accountability, and reach new heights of effectiveness in every area of life?

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