Legacy Leadership 360 Assessment

Effective leadership is key to driving business results and becoming a more effective leader starts with awareness.

The Legacy Leadership 360 Assessment is different from other individual survey tools. Designed to provide immediately actionable feedback on the dimensions and qualities most closely linked to a leader’s ability to perform effectively in their role, it leverages the latest research from both social and cognitive neuroscience. It is simple to administer, intuitively relevant and highly cost effective. Whether used in conjunction with our experienced coaches or alone with its easy-to-understand User Report, its impact and value for your current and emerging leaders will be immediate.

Our Leadership 360 Assessment includes feedback on 6 essential qualities of leadership:

Legacy Business Cultures Leadership 360 Assessment

With the Legacy Leadership 360 Assessment, you will receive:

  • 100% online data collection and reporting
  • Incorporates data from user and up to 20 additional raters.
  • Approximately 80 fully-rated behaviors
  • Additional, limited feedback on most-frequently observed ineffective behaviors
  • Includes 3 open-ended rater feedback questions

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