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How Respectful is Your Workplace?

Uncover insights about your organization and learn how it compares to others by participating in this valuable survey about workplace respect.

The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and collects data about your perceptions of your workplace environment and culture. Your answers will remain anonymous.

After completing the survey, you’ll see the results immediately, along with a side-by-side comparison of your results to the overall results.

If you like what you see, contact us to discuss the benefits of implementing a respect survey in your organization.

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Because the term “diversity” captures so many different distinctions between groups of people, we choose to define it as broadly as possible. For the sake of expediency, however, this survey only mentions broad categories such as age, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. When answering the questions, include any other group affiliations that you feel important for your organization.

These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Weight
  • Physical appearance/attractiveness
  • Marital status
  • Parental status
  • Income level
  • Political affiliation
  • Social opinions (liberal vs. conservative)
  • Education level
  • Disability status
  • Lifestyle preference