How Respectful is Your Workplace?

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The Respectful Workplace Survey is the first step towards uncovering insights about your organization that help you to save lost time and money dealing with a toxic workplace culture that can lead to issues of poor work performance, low productivity and high employee turnover.

The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and collects data about your perceptions of your workplace environment and culture. Your answers will remain anonymous. After completing the survey, you will see your results immediately, along with a side-by-side comparison of your answers with others who have taken the survey.

Respectful Workplace survey

The Damage of a Disrespectful Workplace

Organizations that report higher amount of disrespectful behavior among managers or employees also report:

  • Decreased work effort
  • Decrease in performance and quality of work
  • Decreased commitment to the organization
  • Poor customer relations
  • High employee turnover

For more information, watch as Paul Meshanko, author of the Respect Effect, describes how disrespectful behavior among coworkers can cause harmful mental and physical effects as well as reduced engagement, productivity and resilience.

The Benefits of a Respectful Workplace

Workplaces in which employees feel respected by supervisors and coworkers have been proven to yield higher job satisfaction and engagement as well as improved physical and emotional health. Benefits for companies, linking to the increased rates of employee engagement, include higher productivity and profitability, improved customer satisfaction and an improved ability to attract, develop and retain talented employees. Needless to say, workplaces where respect is fostered have a great competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Take the first steps towards transforming your organization into one that promotes greater cooperation, more open communication, creativity, commitment and even improved physical health for your coworkers. Take the Respectful Workplace survey today!

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