• Increasing Human Effectiveness

Helping our clients create best-in-class workplace cultures based on a foundation of respect.

Legacy Business Cultures and their partners have been the experts in helping shape organizational culture around the world for over 15 years. Our workshops, train-the-trainer programs, and employee climate surveys have touched thousands of organizations and millions of employees, managers and leaders across the world.

We have helped leading organizations shape their cultures and hone their human capital to be “Best in Class”. Our employee engagement workshops, diversity training, leadership programs, and climate surveys generate results quickly… results that last.

Practicing what we teach.

Legacy Business Cultures is collaboration in the truest sense of the word. By capitalizing on the expertise of the region’s top facilitators and independent business consultants, we offer a multi-disciplined evaluation of your staff development opportunities. That same diversity of talent allows us to tailor our facilitation to the unique personality and culture of your organization. If it’s true that you can judge a company by the caliber of its people, then ours is second to none!

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