• Increasing Human Effectiveness

People. Those complex organisms without whom we would not have successful businesses.

While every person is unique, the mechanics of how our brains react to stimuli is the same as it’s been since the Paleolithic Era. It’s hard wired. It’s known. And, once you gain a better understanding of this, the changes you can train your brain to make will help you build a workplace that has:

  • Higher job satisfaction and employee engagement
  • Greater retention of talented employees
  • Broader, deeper sharing of information
  • Improved customer satisfaction

We are Legacy Business Cultures.

For more than 15 years, we’ve studied and worked with a variety of organizational cultures from around the world. Through our surveys and training, we’ve helped more than a quarter million leaders and employees create more respectful and engaged workplaces.

Our Facilitators and Consultants

Legacy Business Cultures is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word. By capitalizing on the knowledge and expertise of our facilitators and independent business consultants, we offer a multi-disciplined approach to your staff development opportunities.

People are your most important asset.

Let us help you better understand your culture and work with you to build a workplace that is truly best in class.
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