The seventh annual North East Ohio’s Top Workplaces poll has been published and according to an article on, there are 3 main similarities between the companies that were voted as the region’s top places to work.

  • Employees need to believe that what they are doing contributes to making a needed product or providing a useful service.
  • Employees must believe their work is appreciated and that they are respected, both by peers and bosses.
  • Employees must feel there is a healthy balance between work and the rest of their lives.

Lubrizol, a company Legacy Business Cultures has worked with on Managing Unconscious Bias training, was voted as the top large company and, according to one employee interviewed:

“I have always felt valued at Lubrizol. I love the lines of open communication so that my ideas and opinions are listened to and discussed. It is a partnership among many and we are all working for the same goal, which is for the company to grow and succeed. This type of camaraderie creates a family feel to a large global organization.”

Some ways mentioned in the article that companies have found to achieve some of the goals listed above were “offering their employees a clear path to achieve corporate goals, competitive benefits and salaries, an array of quality-of-life programs, and team building opportunities both at work, in philanthropy and play.”

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