Author, Paul Meshanko reveals the transformational power of respect in the workplace in his new book, “The Respect Effect”. Through a combination of unintentional or purposeful ignorance, at times we inadvertently treat others with disrespect. The resulting costs to organizations in litigation, low productivity, lack of employee engagement and trust in company leaders are staggering.

By examining the neurology of human interaction, Meshanko explains how each of our brains is profoundly influenced by how we are treated by others.

“When we’re treated with respect, our brains literally light up and perform at their highest levels. When treated with disrespect, the higher thought processes in our brains go dormant. Hijacked by our primitive survival wiring, we become diminished assets to our employers and organizations.”

Definition of Respect: Respect is an active process of non-judgmentally engaging people from all backgrounds. It is practiced to increase our awareness and effectiveness, and demonstrated in a manner that esteems both us and those with whom we interact.

Meshanko identifies 12 Rules of Respect. These include:

  • Be aware of our non-verbal and extra-verbal cues
  • Develop curiosity for the perspective of others
  • Explain why we disagree, when we do

“Paul takes the concept of respect and turns in into a powerful leadership tool for the business world. By first proving respect’s power, economically and psychologically, he lays a foundation for his potent cultural change tools. His blueprint for success is sharp and relevant, and of course, starts with respect for ourselves.”– Dr. Stephen G. Payne, President, Leadership Strategies, Princeton, NJ

About Leadership Authority and Author, Paul Meshanko:

meshanko-thumbPaul Meshanko is an author, professional speaker and business leader with over 20 years of experience in corporate training and organizational culture change. Paul has captivated tens of thousands of leaders and business professionals on five continents. His training materials have been translated into over 25 languages and his newsletter is read by over 10,000 subscribers each month. Clients have included DuPont, BASF, Progressive Insurance, Symantec, McGraw-Hill, and Ernst & Young. Paul holds a BSBA from The Ohio State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace College. He is an active member of the Human Resources Planning Society and Society for Human Resource Management, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland. Paul lives in Solon, OH with his wife, Kim and children, Ryan and Olivia.

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