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Respect in Cyberspace

By |2017-01-13T13:42:09-05:00June 15th, 2012|Categories: Respectful Workplace|Tags: |

Being a member of Generation Y, I feel like I grew up with the Internet as much as the Internet grew up with me. Back when I was a kid, having Instant Messenger was basically a necessity. Many were enthralled by this new form of communication and that enthusiasm is what created what we know [...]

Finding Respect in Rock ‘n’ Roll

By |2017-01-13T13:42:10-05:00April 13th, 2012|Categories: Respectful Workplace|

**Editor's note: This is part of an ongoing series on generations in the workplace. Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes will probably know how big of a Bob Dylan fan I am. I have the posters, bumper stickers, books, CDs, DVDs, shirts. I’ve seen him more than half a dozen times [...]

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What Generation Y Thinks About Respect

By |2017-01-13T13:42:11-05:00March 29th, 2012|Categories: Respectful Workplace|

A couple of months ago, I was very happy to join Legacy Business Cultures after several very stressful and disheartening months of searching for employment after my graduation from Cleveland State in May, 2011. I can’t even count how many interviews I went on and how many resumes I sent out in that period of [...]

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