Editor’s Note: Each month this summer we will feature a Best of our Blog post based on a specific theme.

By behaving in a civil way we can find common ground, build community and effectively communicate respect for one another. This month, Jay Remer discusses the gift of giving. Michele Lawson shares an enthralling interview with her disabled friend on how to respectfully communicate with someone who uses a wheelchair. Finally, Susie Brown presents the argument on why you should respect your elders in the workplace.

Our Favorite Quotes: The Root of Civility and Kindness

By Jay Remer

At its highest level, the act of giving is a form of gratitude reflecting one’s own values of selflessness. Giving in this way shows the deep thought that is appropriate to the real purpose of a gift. Some gifts recognize past service; some celebrate milestones; and others amount to little more than bribery to assure some future outcome occurs.

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Respectful Communication and the Disabled: An Interview

By Michele Lawson

That quote is from my dear friend Michele Walsh, PT. While I am no stranger to disabilities, having had both a sister and father-in-law who were diabetic amputees, I felt that this is one area where no matter how much exposure we may have to the situation we can never fully embrace what life is like for people living every day with a disability.

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Respect Your Elders

By Susie Brown

There was an article in a local newspaper today about senior citizens and how they are an “unexploited reservoir of human resources.” A recent study put out by a well known Marketing Institute reported that close to 70% of our senior population is eager to be employed and that if all eligible seniors were working, their net total employment would add billions of dollars to the US economy.

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