You spend the majority of your day in the company of your co-workers and bosses, so it is fundamentally important to forge a positive relationship with these people. If you consistently get on the wrong side of colleagues and managers, your career could soon take a turn for the worst.

One sure-fire way to find yourself in the workplace bad books is by using mobile devices in an unprofessional manner. Although we will all need to attend to urgent personal calls from time to time, the office is not a place for having extended Facebook chats with your friends about recreational matters. Nor is a business meeting a good time to think ‘Hey, what are people saying on Twitter about the football game yesterday?’ and duly become engrossed in your smartphone as the other people in the room attempt to make key workplace decisions.

This infographic by Neon SMS UK ( pinpoints all of the main do’s and don’ts about observing proper business etiquette for using mobile devices in the workplace. By adhering to these simple guidelines, you won’t run the risk of antagonizing your co-workers and bosses.

Business Etiquette For Mobile Devices Infographic

Infographic provided by Neon SMS.