Respect is about Exploring Our Uniqueness…Not Pretending We’re All the Same

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Have you ever heard people proudly exclaim that they are color blind? Or, more broadly, that they treat everyone the same? While that sounds great on the surface (think of Golden Rule), the actual premise for that notion is antiquated at best. At its worst, it can be downright disrespectful. Why? Because we are not all the same.

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Interview with Erica Pinsky

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After reading workplace solutions expert and regular contributor, Erica Pinsky’s book, Road to Respect: Path to Profit, I wanted to know more. In her book, Erica provides a wake-up call for employers by detailing why respect, as a core value, is so imperative. She then provides a persuasive argument why organizations should embark on the [...]

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Interview with Ruth Ramos

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We’ve heard from team member Ruth Ramos in the past through posts like The Beginning of Healing and R-E-S-P-E-C-T. But now,  I’d like to introduce you to her and her work to kick off our new interview series. RW: Tell us more about what you do. RR: Compass Consulting Services is an organizational development firm which specializes in customized [...]

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