Connecting With Respect Webinar

Learn the tools to promote the types of respectful behaviors in your company that are critical to employee engagement and business success.

Connecting With Respect webinar

This professional development webinar will teach the skills needed to dramatically increase awareness and improve your employees’ ability to work successfully with anyone, regardless of background, life-style, job status or any other difference, by developing critical, self-directed thinking and behavioral skills.

Capitalizing on Your Greatest Organizational Asset

Organizations are made up of people and the most successful ones focus on improving employee effectiveness one individual at a time. But while some organizations try to help their people become better employees, the best organizations now know the real key is to help their employees become better people.

Increasing Human Effectiveness (IHE) empowers your leaders and staff with a field-tested, time-proven methodology to break through self-imposed limitations. It lays the foundation for better self-management, adaptability, resilience and personal accountability, and teaches participants how to empower themselves to reach new heights of effectiveness in almost every facet of their lives. It is a holistic approach to talent development and performance improvement that has been proven effective by some of the world’s most successful organizations.

Take the Non-Traditional Path

The Increasing Human Effectiveness process provides a scientifically designed approach for fostering improved individual performance to the highest level possible. By teaching participants how to bypass the human brain’s natural resistance to change, we engage them in the process and empower them to become active participants and partners in the navigating whatever changes your organization is going through. This results not only in measurable performance improvement, but also in more fulfilled, satisfied and loyal employees.

We all have the potential to make changes in our lives and in our organizations. Increasing Human Effectiveness is a people-centric development process designed and proven to help maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your entire organization. Every aspect of this process moves people toward one overriding objective: Better measurable results!

About the Webinar

Leveraging diversity with a rock-solid foundation of respect.

You can’t train “diversity”. Diversity is the natural by-product of a constantly evolving global community and marketplace. Ignored, it can be a contributing factor in miscommunication, poor morale, low productivity, employee turnover and even lawsuits. Properly harnessed, diversity can be the source of extraordinary creativity, best-in-class customer service, a committed, engaged workforce and high organizational adaptability. The key to leveraging diversity is a rock-solid foundation of respect.

Through carefully researched and validated exercises, the Connecting With Respect webinar takes leaders along a comprehensive learning path that expands their awareness, offers critical insights on human thought and behavioral norms, and helps them develop an easy-to-apply “tool kit” proven to increase their capacity for more consistently respectful behaviors.

Here’s what you will learn during the Connecting With Respect webinar:

  • What respect should look (and feel) like within their workplace

  • How the brain reacts to disrespectful behaviors while damaging morale and productivity
  • The impact that stereotypes have on our actions and decisions
  • The role that attitudes play in promoting respectful workplaces
  • Behaviors that support both personal and organizational values
  • Specific tools for changing disrespectful behavior patterns
  • Our capacity for respecting others to our respect of self
  • The framework for designing a respectful workplace plan of action

“Although we had a diverse, inclusive work environment, our other core values had more structure, systemized improvement programs, and dedicated resources — Respect for People was trailing in its formal approach — Legacy Business Cultures customized the Connecting with Respect program for a global rollout and there has been an instant impact.”

— DuPont

Medical Mutual of Ohio

“Connecting with Respect has been a tremendous success with our organization,” said Poisson. “One of our members said that before the workshop he had not received any positive feedback and then one of his colleagues candidly said to him: ‘I really respect and admire your work and what you are doing with the rest of the team.’ (This was after that colleague attended the workshop and it seems like this is happening more and more in every area of Johnsonville.) We are seeing throughout the company that Connecting with Respect has made what was already an excellent Johnsonville culture even better!”

— Johnsonville

This 4-hour webinar will start your organization on the path to increasing employee resiliency, collaboration and effectiveness

Paul Meshanko

Facilitated by: Paul Meshanko
Founder & President, Legacy Business Cultures

Paul Meshanko is an author, professional speaker and business leader with over 20 years of experience in leadership development and organizational culture change.

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