Edge Learning of Ohio (EdgeOhio), today announced that it is changing its name to Legacy Business Cultures (www.legacycultures.com).

“We wholeheartedly believe – as do our clients – in the importance of creating a powerful and positive emotional legacy with employees, partners, and customers,” said Paul Meshanko, founder and Managing Partner. “Our bread and butter is helping our clients create long-lasting, best-in-class organizational cultures, so our new name simply reflects what we do best.”

Since its founding in 1997, the firm has provided leadership and staff development services that help organizations improve management competencies, enhance employee engagement, and improve customer service. The company’s fully customizable training curricula cover the topics of diversity and respect, engagement readiness, leadership development and organizational resiliency. Additionally, Legacy provides a comprehensive suite of employee survey and assessment tools that accurately measure employee attitudes and link their impact to business results.

“Organizations that build exceptional cultures don’t get there overnight,” Meshanko said. “They start with a plan and then work hard to build engaged, respectful and highly productive workforces. We help our clients figure out where they are today – and then give them the training and tools they need to get where they want to be tomorrow.”

The name change to Legacy, which is effective immediately, does not impact the company’s organizational structure, its day-to-day operations, or its alliance with key strategic partners. According to Meshanko, “We’re fortunate to be aligned with some of the very best partners in the industry and will continue to work with these organizations and individuals under our new name. As we’ve proven over the years, our virtual team consistently provides a world-class service offering for everything we do!”