“The deep rewards of giving go to those who give out of a concern for others, and take pains to see that their giving is wisely done, to meet real needs or seize promising opportunities.” – F. Emerson Andrews

At its highest level, the act of giving is a form of gratitude reflecting one’s own values of selflessness. Giving in this way shows the deep thought that is appropriate to the real purpose of a gift. Some gifts recognize past service; some celebrate milestones; and others amount to little more than bribery to assure some future outcome occurs.

Dismissing the last one as always inappropriate, the former reasons deserve our careful attention to carry their true intentions. The feelings we enjoy from the mere act of giving someone something, expecting nothing in return, can be unforgettable.

There are countless opportunities for giving tangible gifts – money for example. Sometimes there are matching grants available where having cash on hand to leverage such grants is essential. There are intangible gifts – time for example. Allowing employees to volunteer at schools or civic organizations can be a huge boost to the community as well as the employee’s self esteem. Imaginative gift giving with the sole intention of helping others reaps enormous benefits for both the giver and the receiver.

Consider giving often to others. What is returned as a result of such generosity is often priceless.