If you are into sports, or just the storyline behind playoff basketball, then I am sure that you have heard about the two team teams that are going to be going against each other — the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. How did these two teams not only make it to the finals, but made it with what seemed to be a bit of ease? If I am not mistaken, aren’t all the teams in the NBA supposed to be a collection of the best basketball players that the world have to offer? So how did the Cavs and the Warriors happen to walk over their opponents in their respected conference finals?

These two teams retain a “slight edge” over each of their opponents. Now, having a slight edge can mean a multitude of things, such as having the best player on your team, or even having the smartest. However, how about having the one with the most WILL to succeed, and the drive to believe in themselves to do better than what is already expected.

How does this apply to the workplace?

This applies to the person inside the workplace who wishes to gain a status of success that could possibly lead themselves and their company to new heights. In the book The Secret of The Slight Edge (which is based off of the Increasing Human Effectiveness training program), the authors Bob Moawad and TJ Hoisington defined the “slight edge” as something that is very narrow and minute. It is something that is indistinguishable, and “in the moment” that can spread over the long term. And, all of us have it.

What exactly is IT? “IT” is lying dormant inside of you and only peeks out when you call upon it. Everybody has displayed some sort of a “slight edge” over the course of their life. Think about it. What separated you from getting that job you always wanted from other applicants? When you were applying for different colleges for your bachelors, masters, or doctorate, what made the institution select you over thousands of others potential students? What convinced your boss to give you that promotion instead of your fellow co-worker? Let’s face it, all of us have the ability to gain a slight edge, and the ability to call on it when we need it. This can be seen as a person’s hidden potential. The authors of the book give us some pretty healthy ingredients that make up our own potential.

These ingredients are:

  • Natural ability/ innate talent
  • Education/ knowledge
  • Intrinsic, compelling urge to do or be better

Digging into your hidden potential and gaining a “slight edge” requires a slight change of attitude and behavior. I feel as though we all can agree that LeBron James is a not the same player compared to the LeBron we witnessed in Miami, and before he left Cleveland. During his time away when LeBron took “his talents to South Beach”, he learned what it takes to be a champion. After an exciting four years in Miami, LeBron came back to the Cavaliers to make good of his promise to bring a championship back to Cleveland. However, this time LeBron seems to be more focused and driven to do and be better than what he was before, and it definitely shows.

LeBron has become the “slight edge” for the Cavs, as well as Steph Curry who can easily be argued as being the “slight edge” for the warriors. You can become the “slight edge” that your company been waiting for to help reach a new level success. My question for you is what are you waiting for? The time is now to dig deep inside of yourself, uncover your hidden potential, and obtain the “slight edge” you need to take you over the top.

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