Legacy Business Cultures Sponsors Successful Event

The first annual Get to Growth Summit was held in Columbus, OH at the OCLC Center on October 31, 2013. Over 125 business leaders throughout Ohio attended the half-day session to gain insights on how to transform their roles from leaders to growth multipliers.

As sponsors and co-organizers of the event, Paul Meshanko, president & CEO of Legacy Business Cultures and James Rores, chief growth officer of The Floriss Group developed the strategic direction of the summit to be a fast-paced and energetic offering of dynamic messages, which the audience could immediately implement within their organizations.

The keynote speaker, Beth Thomas, executive vice president/managing director from Sequent shared with the audience info on the relationship of personal and workplace happiness and how this relates to employee productivity and ultimately a company’s growth potential.

Meshanko and Rores offered individual presentations, which addressed the topic of “Achieving Transformational Growth Through Culture, Process & Neuroscience.” Meshanko articulately described the power of respect and the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace. Rores built upon Meshanko’s points by illustrating how organizations can ‘take control of growth’ by applying The Floriss Group’s Growthcasting Model to create powerful New Growth Platforms.

“There was tremendous synergy from the deliverables of Beth’s speech to the information that James and I shared with the audience,” commented Meshanko. “The feedback from the audience after the summit was incredibly positive, highlighting the value of the this topic to those executives who attended. We will absolutely be following up with an event in 2014.”

The summit also included sponsorships from AdvizeX Technologies, The Pursuit Group, Circone + Associates and the American Red Cross Blood Services.

“We were honored to have Jason Janoski, CEO of American Red Cross Blood Services, (as luncheon speaker) for the event,” said Rores. “As businesses grow leaders come to understand how important reinvesting in their community is to sustaining their growth trajectory. Sustained growth cannot happen without this investment. American Red Cross Blood Services understands this and continues to be one of the most powerful partners we have in Central Ohio.”

“My main takeaway is that here in Ohio, there is tremendous opportunity for businesses to have a permanent competitive advantage over local, regional and global players. James and I have confidence that this summit and future summits can become the realization for change and growth across many business platforms,” added Meshanko.

Plans are underway for the next Get to Growth Summit to be scheduled in the spring of 2014.