Capabilities Statement

Matrix Training and Consulting Inc. DBA: Legacy Business Cultures

Legacy Business Cultures creates more diverse, inclusive, cohesive and effective organizations by using a unique educational and coaching approach anchored in neuroscience, psychology and organizational dynamics. As a global provider of diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, leadership, change management, anti-harassment training programs and support services, we help organizations and their people more effectively achieve their mission and goals. Our evidence-based approach and tools not only increase the retention and application of concepts learned, but more importantly enable critically needed behavior change at all levels in the organization.

POC: Sheila Meshanko, CEO
Address: 50 The Terrace, Atlanta, GA 30263
Phone: 888-892-0300
LinkedIn: cultures

Type of Business and Schedule Title: WOSB, American-owned, S-Corporation, Small Business
Year of Formation: May 1997
Schedule Title: Legacy Business Cultures, Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS),
Purchasing Vehicles: US Small Business GSA MOBIS Schedule (GS-02F-032CA)
Line(s) of Business:
 Diversity & Inclusion, Anti-Harassment, Leadership, Communications, Change Management and Emotional Intelligence Training, online training through Legacy LMS, Consulting, Coaching, Keynote speaking
DUNS: 127713571; CAGE: 3DQK6
Tax ID: 31-1548578
Contract Period Start: March 24, 2015 Expiration Date: March 23, 2025 Product Service Code: R499 (Class); Federal Supply Group: 874
NAICS code(s):
511199– All Other Publishers (Size Standard: 500)
541611– Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services (Size Standard: $15M)
541690– Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services (Size Standard: $15M)
611430– Professional and Management Development Training (Size Standard: $11M)
611710– Educational Support Services (Size Standard: $15M)

SIN Numbers Associated with Professional Services

874-1 Integrated Training and Consulting Services:
874-4 Instructor Led Training • Web-Based Training • Education Courses • Supervisory Skills • Course Development • Development and Test Administration • Customizable Training
874-9 Off-the-Shelf Training Devices and Training Materials • Print • Electronic • Audio-Visual • Multi-Media • Simulation Training Devices • Participant Materials • Training • Public Workshops

Past Performance

U.S. Department of Justice (Unconscious Bias Training, Curriculum design); Financial Crimes Enforcement Network – U.S. Treasury (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training, Unconscious Bias Training); U.S. Army Regional Health Command (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training, Senior Leadership Keynote Address); U.S. Department of Navy (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training); Library of Congress (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training, Unconscious Bias Training); Congressional Office of Compliance (Unconscious Bias keynote addresses to U.S. Senate and House staff, ADA Compliance online training, Harassment and Discrimination online training, Unconscious Bias training and train the trainer program, Diversity and Inclusion Respect Training); U.S. Air Force (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Unconscious Bias, Leadership Training); Congressional Budget Office (Inclusive Leadership training, Unconscious Bias Training); U.S. Army National Guard (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training); U.S. Department of Agriculture (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training, Coaching); U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training); U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Subcontractor, 360 Surveys, Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Training, Keynote Address on Respect); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Unconscious Bias and Change management training); U.S. Dept. of Energy (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect training); U.S. District Courts (Diversity, Inclusion & Respect training).

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