Increasing Human Effectiveness

Are you ready to provide the people in your organization with the tools to break through self-imposed limitations, improve self-management and personal accountability, and reach new heights of effectiveness in every area of life?

“Starbucks has enjoyed one of the best years in the history of our company and IHE has clearly been a catalyst in that process and played a significant role in our success.”
— President, Retail North America, Starbucks

“IHE has been the single most beneficial staff development process we’ve ever offered in my 20+ years with the company.” 
  Area HR Manager, North America, Parker Hannifin

“The drastic change our company experienced over the past several years has been phenomenal. We used the principles of IHE to overcome anxiety and fear of the unknown which kept employees focused on real customer and quality issues.” 
 Interpersonal Skills Training Manager, Lucent Technologies

Organizations don’t change unless its people change.

There is only one constant in most current organizational environments – continuous change. Many organizations are attempting to implement continuous improvement programs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the bottom line only to hit the wall of resistance within their existing culture. People either won’t change or don’t care to change. Organizations like yours realize that unless they are constantly changing for the better, they are in serious jeopardy.

Organizational competitiveness depends not only on employees mastering increasingly complex technical skills, but also on the ability to change entrenched behaviors. The “quick and easy” solutions for success aren’t working any longer, and employee skills and knowledge are not enough. New, improved attitudes and habits are key to maximizing organizational effectiveness and creating a culture of excellence.

Capitalizing on Your Greatest Organizational Asset.

Successful organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of capitalizing on human effectiveness. Most organizations help people become better employees. Effective organizations now know the key is to help employees become better people.

Increasing Human Effectiveness empowers people with the personal development tools to break through self-imposed limitations. It lays the foundation for self-management and personal accountability, and teaches people how to empower themselves and reach new heights of effectiveness in every area of life.

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Introduction to Increasing Human Effectiveness

In this email series, you will learn:

  • Why change is inevitable for every organization
  • Why people tend to resist change
  • The definition of “potential” and “effectiveness”
  • The 3 ingredients that make up our potential
  • The meaning of the quote “Champions are born and then unmade.”
  • One company’s experience with IHE and the benefits the program had on its employees

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