According to Mark Pinto, a Cleveland based consultant, treating all with respect is a characteristic of a humble leader. While that may not have always been perceived as a necessary quality of an exceptional leader, in today’s changing workplace it has become a necessity:

“We are all called to leadership and as human beings all capable of fulfilling the role, whether we do it through self leadership, leadership within a small group or leadership in a much larger way. Humility does not seem to 

[be a] part of leadership as it is often misconstrued as a lack of self confidence.

By conventional terms a leader, in order to be successful in this world needs to be bold, to strike out, draw blood and not show doubt or misgivings. Rather than demonstrating humility, a leader has to show great control, lightning fast decision-making skills and omnipresent information skills.

No wonder taking on the role of leadership for most people is discounted, ignored and shunned as part of their makeup.”

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