So here’s a scenario for you to consider:

It’s based on recent political entanglements. You sit on a board that has the power to make decisions for the entire company, but you dislike the President of the company. Even though both of you claim to want the best for the company, you continually block all the President’s initiatives, because you disagree with them.

You’ve been with the company longer than the President, so you believe you know more than him on these issues.

The President has asked for your input, but you refuse to meet with him because of your differing ideologies. You’ve declared that you will not compromise on your beliefs and change your opinion on the situation.

Now, the President is releasing another new plan to improve the company and you still don’t like it. He will be presenting the new plan to the entire company and has asked you to comment on the proposal. You have declined, saying that the rest of the board will speak instead.

Is this respectful behavior toward the President? Why? Or why not? What would you do?