In celebration of our one year blog anniversary, we’d first like to thank all of our new and loyal readers. Your thoughtful and engaging comments throughout this past year helped shape our discussion about respectful workplaces.

To commemorate this occasion, we’ve created a list of the 5 most popular posts from the last year:

1. Respect Starts At The Top
A company’s culture is one of its most important assets. Culture plays a role in helping to attract the best talent and it is absolutely vital to engaging, developing and retaining that talent.

2. Rules for Respectful Engagement
At the beginning of each Respectful Workplace program we lead, we ask participants to agree to 10 “Rules of Engagement”.

3. Multiple Generations Working Together
Last week we had a lively blog discussion on generational differences. With four generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials) currently in the workforce, each group brings their own set of attitudes and values based on their generation’s experience.

4. The Art of Being Wrong
Every day brings a myriad of opportunities to increase our awareness, wisdom and, ultimately, effectiveness. The problem is that most of us walk right past these opportunities because of a little glitch in our mental “software.”

5. What a Respectful Workplace Looks Like
So how do we know what respect in the workplace should look like? During our facilitated respect workshops, one of the first activities we ask participants to complete is to explore how they perceive respect.

Tell us which one of our posts from last year was your favorite? Why?