Give the Gift of The Respect Effect

Looking for that last minute gift idea for that person on your list who loves to read? Pick up a copy of The Respect Effect: Using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Whether it is in an office workplace or manufacturing operation, when people are treated with respect, they naturally become more engaged in their work, become more committed to the success of their organization and are more creative and generally perform at their highest levels of effectiveness. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

Simply put, by fostering business environments where employees feel valued, supported, trusted and empowered, leaders are creating value for all of their organizations’ stakeholders.

In The Respect Effect, research and examples are given to demonstrate that the job of any office manager, operations general manager or corporate leader is to help those individuals who are part of their team to them to do their very best work.

Paul Meshanko is the author and president & CEO of Legacy Business Cultures, a global provider of helping to shape organizational culture around the world through workshops, employee training and employee climate surveys. They have helped thousands of organizations and millions of employees, managers and leaders to develop culture as a strategic advantage.

Meshanko states: “Respect is all about taking more time with our co-workers; not just tolerating or co-existing with them. This investment of time and energy on the front end results in a deeper knowledge and awareness of each other that later leads to increased levels of effectiveness and productivity.”

To learn more about the book watch this video preview on The Respect Effect.