Legacy Business Cultures has been awarded a GSA Schedule Contract effective March 24, 2015, making it fast and easy for any federal agency to order consulting and other services directly from the company.

“We’re very excited to have been awarded this contract,” said Todd Costello, vice president of Business Operations, Legacy Cultures. “We’ve provided tools and counsel that helped our private-sector clients build world-class cultures for almost two decades. Now, we’re looking forward to doing the same within the federal government.”

 Products and services available through LBC include:

“Using LBC’s neuroscience-based methodology, we have repeatedly proven that we can greatly improve employee engagement and provide the tools to create positive, inclusive workplace cultures,” said Paul Meshanko, president and CEO of Legacy Business Cultures.

“Considering that the Federal Employee Viewpoint Surveys consistently indicate that these areas need to be addressed by federal employers in order to retain the best and the brightest, we’re pleased to now be listed on the GSA Schedule. This will make it easier for federal agencies to take advantage of our unique expertise.”

“Legacy Business Cultures delivers services that produce real business results,” said Kathy Henson, owner/partner, Solution Source, Inc. “We’re proud to help them gain a competitive position in the government marketplace.”

In order to be awarded the contract, the General Services Administration evaluated LBC’s professional capabilities, organizational structure, performance history and customer satisfaction, among other criteria. As a result, the GSA has deemed LBC qualified to perform work directly for federal government entities.