Sheila MeshankoLike most other companies, Legacy Business Cultures has to occasionally update its own business course and practices. Earlier this summer, we made a significant change and transitioned to a majority female-owned, small business. While I will still be serving under the title of Founder and President, overall operations and business decisions now fall under the direct control of Sheila Meshanko, our new CEO. Far from being changes in title only, this structural change will allow us to better allocate resources in ways that permit each of us to do the things we do best.

Leveraging her 20 plus years of experience leading other companies and non-profits, Sheila is the ideal choice to lead our company into a new era of growth and expansion. This includes planning, marketing, overall business administration and government sales. Wasting no time in settling in to her new role, she has already moved to expand our internal team and made significant in-roads at increasing our brand recognition with Federal and State agencies as a GSA contract holder.

As President, I will continue to be the primary developer (and updater) of the content we deliver to our clients each week. I will continue to be the primary facilitator and speaker while collaborating with Jason Pribble to make sure that our participant materials  have that world-class look and feel  that our clients have come to expect. Probably most importantly, I will now also be focusing on writing a second book (stay tuned for more details!), speaking and creating a new series of online training programs to augment our already strong in-person curricula.

Please join me in congratulating my wife and partner Sheila on her new role as the entire company moves into the next decade!